My Immediate Goals

The Moon in all her phases represents the feminine in creation. The full moon of May is sometimes called the pink moon.

I am hoping to establish practising houses in communities around the U.S. that will provide residential, gardening, research, arts and crafts, and worship facilities for our members. I have been working on our covenant and basic bylaws and setting up the funding process.

In order to register as a nonprofit, I have to have three board members so if anyone is interested, please contact me and we will talk. My most immediate goals are --

Establisment of celibate houses for both male and female members.

Purchase of suitable properties for same.

Recruitment of instructors for various disciplines such as holistic medicine, herbal medicine, gardening, self defense, chemistry, etc.

And of course, forming a network of people who have been following the Old Ways without fanfare all their lives. I know you are out there. It is my personal hope that we can live and worship openly in communities of our own now. I think the time is ripe. I am looking forward to changing the name of this page to 'Our' goals instead of 'My' goals -- this will depend on you.




Alieff Farwell