Lesson One

You have all heard someone moan about "the pace of life today." You  have probably used the phrase yourself upon occassion. One of the first things we need to do as guardians of the Mother is to understand that this pace has been very consciously created --for a reason.

There has been an infiltration into every aspect of our civil and religious structure by very dark intelligences(if they could even be refered to by that word) who deliberately peddle this notion that faster is better. This is because it is easier to cheat and manipulate people if you don't give them time to consider what you are about.

There is nothing unusual or secret going on here. It is not some deep, dark conspiracy of secret, powerful cartels. It is common garden variety greed. Certainly, these men and women do not like their pictures in the papers with the headline Greedy Manipulators underneath them but their disinclination to be singled out does not, in my book, consitute a conspiracy. It's too common among shysters and other criminals to warrant the title, This is the group thinking that the people must be hurried on from one thing to the next before they can do any singling.

So lesson number one. The first thing to do is SLOW DOWN! You take control of the pace of your life. Shut off the talking heads and read the newspaper. You can read can't you? It's quieter and slower. Avoid foods that say quick or instant on the packaging. Use the mute button on the ads if you do watch television. That's why it was invented. Spend less time listening to electronic noises and more time listening to nature and each other. It will make a world of difference in your personal "pace." Your children, especially, will benefit from a calmer, more controlled vibe from you. And speaking of children.

Stay tuned for lesson two.

We are all under the One

Alieff Farwell