Lesson Two -- Blood Guilt

Lesson two is going to be very difficult. It involves the destructive and costly national babysitting system we call "Public Education." It has to be changed, and radically, if we are going to save ourselves, our children and our country. It is the second, and probably the biggest step we need to take in regaining control of our world.

You see, children do not need an education. Especially infants and toddlers. They need an affectionate, nurturing bond with their mother and father. And they need a calm, quiet domestic atmosphere in which to be nurtured. Making noise is their prerogative.

They are not currently getting these needs met, and why? It is because we have raised up a generation of females who have no interest whatever in the welfare of the babies they produce. We have raised a generation of females who have no respect for themselves as wives and mothers because they were sent to school and taught that wife and motherhood were second rate, and that they had to have a career in order to be acceptable in society. So they produce the babies and shunt them off into noisy, hyperactive daycares and preschools with the excuse that this organized maternal neglect will help to "socialize" the tiny helpless things and make them better balanced citizens. The unvarnished truth here is that mommy can't be bothered.

Don't like to hear that eh? Education is a grace in this life, and a very useful tool but it is NOT a necessity and we need to remember and vocalize this fact. Again, children need to be loved and nurtured, fed and clothed, before anything else and in that order. And they need a calm domestic atmosphere. ADD and ADHD will not be found in one of those.

It is time to restore education to it's proper place in our lives. It does not come first in the rearing of healthy children. Love, food, clothing, shelter, and calm. These are necessities in life. Education runs a useful but definitive sixth in line.

The ignorant and the lazy have made "Education" into a false god in this country and they offer the blood of their children and huge amounts of public money at the multmillion dollar altars of their mindless, idiot deity. The blood of their own children is on their hands and if we do not do something, now, to intervene, it will be on ours also.

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Alieff Farwell