Thinking Lesson One -- BASICS

If you are going to view the world we live in and it’s human interactions as a Pagan, you may first have to peel off numerous layers of the Christian conditioning with which you were encrusted during your early education. It has influenced you, probably much more than you are aware. And here is something many Pagans are not aware of --

Politics -- Etymology -- Origin

via Latin from Greek politikos, from politēs‘citizen,’ from polis ‘city.’

Taken from Google online dictionary

 Pagan -- Etymology  -- Origin

 from Latin paganus ‘villager, rustic,’ from pagus ‘country district.’

Taken from Google Online Dictionary

The original definitions are so fascinating aren’t they? Politics = city people. Pagan = country people.

Politics -- Definitions

pol·i·ticsˈ(päləˌtiks) - noun

  1. the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

 Taken from Google Online Dictionary

So, by definition, politics = city people = power struggle. And who were these city people struggling against? Why, the pagans(country folk) who either worked close to the land or retained in the towns a close connection to it and their belief in, and tolerance of, various gods and goddesses.

Any person or party that lusts after control of their neighbors needs first, a weapon that will help them achieve it. The weapon chosen by the city folk was that of Christianity. From its inception, Christianity has been both intolerant and aggressive, a natural enemy of Paganism with it’s acceptance of other modes of belief and worship. With the emergence of Christianity, religion ceased to have any spiritual meaning or comfort and became instead a virulent political(city people) weapon.

The idea that there was only one God, or monotheism to the scholars among us, seems to be of Hebrew origin although this is probably debatable. What is certain is that like Jehovah, stories of Jesus came out of the eastern portion of northern Africa from among the children of Abraham. Remember the geography here please. It will be needed later.

So -- our final equation reads thus:

Politics = city dweller = power struggle = religion ÷ intolerance = control of pagans(country people) = the majority of the population = power.

 Thinking Assignment #1

Pagans need to rephrase the basics in their own minds. We have been engaged in a struggle with city people. The ones who think only city opinions matter, that eggs grow in baskets, foodstuffs are provided by the grocer around the corner, and the most important things in life are having more money than your neighbor and of course, more expensive clothes.

What has this city dweller philosophy generated in terms of financial, environmental, and social issues today?

Think about it.

A. Farwell