The Deep State



Thinking Lesson Six

I know that many of you out there who keep your eyes open are convinced of the existence of the “Deep State.” What exactly, is meant by this term and just who is supposed to be running it? Like anything else of a political nature, this matter has several layers. Let’s take a look at them now. This is what I think.

There are people born here who have abilities no longer allowed recognition by the mainstream but are to be considered human nonetheless. This subject is fairly complex and involves the advent of the Christian religion which denies the existence of these innate and perfectly natural abilities and treats those who have them as criminals, heretics, or calls them cursed or weird and forces them to hide what they are from the communities in which they live. This reaction was and is based on fear.

But times, they are a changing, and we are now seeing many openly Pagan stores, websites, churches and gatherings, and a new and growing tolerance of other world views coming into play here in the West. (The East has always acknowledged them.)

What has this to do with the “Deep State” you ask? It is this. We have magical folk among us. There are people born here who have Talent, that is with a capital T and means those who can form their will into real physical manifestation as opposed to ‘talents’  such as cooking, woodworking, painting, etc.. Having survived the witch hunts of the middle ages, these talented families have grown into solid enough communities to have some political clout again, if they don’t come out of the Pagan closet, as it were.

Right in back of these respectable citizens are the ‘Other’ magical folk, hiding. The really bad ones. The ones who practise things harmful and unhealthy to man and beast. This lot are aggressive predators and they are responsible for the disappearance of family pets and small children and all manner of crime. They are also responsible for the legislation that is based on fear, greed, and a wish for complete control of the entire population. The noises now being made about abolishing the Second Amendment here in the U. S. are a classic example of their handiwork.

Now then, pay attention please. You Good Folk who eat salt and live quietly among your neighbors know perfectly well about these ‘Others.’ It is your own fear of being categorized along with them and their practises that forms the first, and the worst layer of the “Deep State.”  And it is your silence that cements this layer in place. Your fear. Your silence.

Yes. There really is a “Deep State.” It is not a product of human construction or human philosophy. It comes from the very worst of the magical folk, the criminal element among them. For centuries they have been very comfortable, hiding behind the lot of you and growing in numbers and resources. I am sorry. It is hard when you turn out to be the one who has to have courage enough to change your own worldview.

So. What do we do about this?


You are Pagans. You understand that thoughts have great power and your focused will can change things in life. There is no need to make public pronouncements. No need to try to convince the human/Christian population. Instead, open your own minds to communication. Let open communication be your desire and your focus.

We all know that Christianity has never been more than window dressing. The Old Ways went underground but they never weakened or diminished and the peoples of Western and Northern Europe did not stop believing or practising, they just kept quiet -- out of fear.

It is time now for all of you to throw off this fear. The Others, although they are really a minority, feed off it and use it against all decent people. Because I am telling you my very dear friends and fellow Pagans, if WE don’t make the changes necessary in our own thinking, we are all going down, Christian, Pagan, Buddhist, Atheist, whatever -- whoever.

Think about it.



Take a few minutes every day to focus your OWN mind on courage and open communication. STOP trying to analyse everyone else’s possible reactions and cultivate a state of personal calm.


 A. Farwell