Defunding Violence

Who is behind the mass migrations into Western Europe by the Muslim world? The United Nations. And where does the U.N. get it's money? Foreign Aid. Most of this "Aid" goes to Africa. The petty rulers take a big cut for themselves and use more to fund immigration. A great deal of "Foreign Aid" finds it's way into the pockets of men like Soros and Gates, who also fund immigratiion and violent protestors.The United Nations is not about world peace. It is a money laundering operation disguised as a political organization. It's chief objective right now is to spread Sharia Law. 

As Pagans, we need to be aware of this particular threat. Having survived the violence of christianity which is now tamed, the Dark Ones are ramping up their aggression using the Koran, to replace it. Blood religions are bad. There is no such thing as a 'good' or 'peaceful' one. And it is not a coincidence that all three of the blood religions extant today have come out of northern Africa. This region and it's environs which include Turkey, Iran, Iraq and the Balkans are a trouble spot on our planet. I am thinking 'gateway.'

We need to get rid of the United Nations. Because of it's money laundering, it is directly responsible for the cultural violence that has engulfed the western world. Withdrawal of financial support by the western world will effectively strangle it. This is how we defund violence.

Think about it.

A. Farwell


Thinking Assignment #8

Everyone take time to do a ritual of riddance against the United Nations. We have created the political atmosphere in which this is possible to be accomplished. (Good work Everyone.) Pick your own time, place and method but practise it on a regular basis until we achieve the desired result. The LAST thing our world needs is yet another blood religion coming into play.