Keep Calm and Carry On

Those who know me best know that for years I have been saying that the problems we all face are of a military nature. Whether you are Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, whatever, you MUST realize this if we are going to save our world.  There is an operation in progress by the United States military to deal with this problem. The U.S. is only riding point though. Every military in the western world is involved to beat off the invaders who are currently calling themselves Muslim though there is something much darker involved. 

You will be hearing words like "Satanist," "Luciferian," "Deep State," and "Illuminati." These are terms used by the Judeo Christian establishment for the people who have gone mad in their rejection of Christianity. No matter what pagan tradition you follow, the rape, torture, and murder of animals, children and adult human beings forms no legitimate part of it. The Powers are not honored by crime, sexual perversion or excess, greed or spiritual oppression of your neighbors. You all know this. If you had not kept your heads and kept the flame alive, our militarys would not even have had the opportunity they are now using to make a clean sweep of those who torture and murder in the name of antichristian beliefs. You have all quietly kept the faith and stood to your posts like soldiers. I am very proud of you all. And proud to be a part of you.

So keep calm and carry on with the good work you do. The light is returning. Because of all the work and sacrifice of our people. You may never receive a public reward but...

I will remember.

Think about it. 

A. Farwell


Thinking Lesson #10

Take a few minutes to give yourselves some of the credit you deserve. We woukd not have made it as far as we have without you.