Our Founding Fathers were godly, intelligent men. They were not rabid, Jerry Falwell style christians. Think about it.

Pagans and the American Military

I am an Air Force brat and a proud deplorable.
I also follow the Old Ways. These are not incompatible.

Here are a few things every honest Pagan needs to keep in mind about how the real world works.

Along about two thousand years ago, give or take a couple of centuries, two false prophets arose on this planet to deceive and mislead the simple minded. Both of these scam artists came from the region of the near east, centered in northeastern Africa. 

Right now is a good time for ya'll to correct an error that has continued for just as long. 

Hundreds of years ago a scholar made a mistake in transcribing an old document naming the dark continent. There is no "Africa." The correct transcription is rendered "Afrita" literally ".....the place of the afrits" or "....the place where the afrits are." If you don't know what an afrit is, look it up. You will have uncovered the "Higher Power" of both of the false prophets.

To continue. Both of these self styled "prophets" claim to be humble messengers sent from a Higher Power. However.....

Each of these so called "prophets" also claim to be the exclusive, only, emmissary of the One And Only Higher Power and if you don't do exactly as this "prophet" tells you, you will be killed. Is this really anyone's idea of holiness?

Both religions of these false prophets have five major points of conduct in common....

1.) oppression of females

2.) rampant pedophilia among it's clergy

3.) sodomy


5.) military aggression

The false prophet who forced himself on western Eurpoe at sword point has outlived his usefulness to his "Higher Power." Paganism is returning there as people look for spiritual fulfilment and their own cultural roots, unhampered by artificial notions of "sin" and "guilt."


We are seeing a militarily aggressive and concerted effort on the part of the other false prophet to, again, conquer the western world with a spurious and sexually perveted "religion." 

Are you seeing the military connection yet?

If you know your western history at all, you will understand that this is the third or fourth attempt by the second false prophet to take over the wealth, people and territory of the first one. Their latest attempt at a cultural coup was foiled by the American military. In spite of cheating their homosexual black follower into the highest office in America, the second false religion has been unsuccessful in castrating the U. S. Military, and their seditious doings and operatives are now under said military's guns. We are going from Dark to Light. Therefore, we should all be supporting the American Commander-in-Chief and his people in their efforts in spite of any religious/political differences you may have. Those differences may not be as wide as you now perceive.

I know you are hearing a lot of uneducated rantings about "Satan" and satanism right now from people who call themselves patriots and attach this accolade to the name of Jesus only. I don't know how many of you are aware that the U.S. miltary is very tolerant of religions. If you enlist and put down "Pagan" as your official religion, you will be allowed access to your own priest/priestess, allowed to worship as you wish and be granted whatever burial rites you ascribe to. So, remember, the simple minded and the credulous who have come and gone during these last two millennia have not been responsible for preserving the integrity and cultural heritage of the western world.

WE did that. Please be patient awhile longer.

One final word about military intelligence. No matter who is doing the howling, or how holy they claim to be, or what name they call their prophet or god, it's ALWAYS about the money. MI is fully aware of that fact. You should be too.

Think about it.

For All Decent Peoples

L. S. Whitney

Thinking lesson #Twelve 

The Founding Fathers of the American Republic were men of vision, intelligence, perserverance and courage. They all acknowledged a Higher Power. They were not saints however. Pick a couple of them and research their lives and standards, which were formed before the wave of religious revival that overtook the west in the mid 1800's. None of these men had the 'being saved at camp meeting' mentality. Many of them were Masons.

The forest stag represents the male principle in nature.